Celebrating 40 Years in Acoustics

Computer modelling of internal spaces using EASE software provides a visual, qualitative and quantitative insight into the acoustics of rooms.

Computer modelling is used to acoustically design the interiors of halls, lecture and drama theatres and auditoriums. Three dimensional modelling facilitates the design of surfaces and shapes within rooms to achieve design reverberation times and to ensure that high levels of speech intelligibility are achieved. We design halls, theatres and auditoriums using a range of acoustical quality parameters to optimise performance.

An example of a drama theatre is shown of arrival time (in milli-seconds) of speech from a sound source on the stage. Other parameters such as clarity; a ratio of direct to reverberant and total sound pressure and direct sound pressure levels can also be determined. These indexes are used to optimise the shape of the room and the location of reflectors and absorption elements to ensure that people in any location can clearly hear voices on stage.

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