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Celebrating 40 Years in Acoustics

Effective community contact is fundamental to the success of all types of projects involving noise and vibration.

We have a new and exciting approach to working with residents and property owners involving actual hands-on participation in exploring acoustical technical design for infrastructure and other projects. 

Our approach involves small group sessions with residents and property owners in hands-on workshops with tools such as SoundPLAN - residents and property owners actively participate in the use of the software, such as trying for themselves and with assistance, what-if options for barrier design and housing insulation.

It makes the whole process a personal one for home owners rather than the arms-length style of contact commonly used. 

We take the complexity out of acoustics for residents and property owners with patience and straightforward language.

Our extensive experience in community contact and understanding makes the difference. We were primary acoustical consultants for over 5 years to SANIP (Sydney Aircraft Noise Insulation Project), one of the largest acoustical projects undertaken in Australia. It involved daily face to face contact with residents and property owners and working through noise mitigation solutions.

For the SANIP project we believe our understanding and patient approach combined with our technical know-how made a difference to home-owner acceptance in a project that attracted considerably strong community reaction. 

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Celebrating 40 Years in Acoustics

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